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This feature allows you to define how anonymous users interact with your FTP server. You can use the checkboxes to manage anonymous access to your FTP server. Click Save Settings after making changes.

note Note: We recommend that anonymous users be denied the ability to upload files to your FTP server. This setting will prevent malicious software uploads, which can harm your website.

You can also enter a welcome message. Click Save Message after entering a greeting.

PICK Important: When logging into anonymous FTP, users must format usernames as, where represents the user's domain name. This formatting requirement directs your server to the correct public_ftp directory. If a user fails to include a domain name, one of the following errors will appear:

  • When your server provides PureFTP as the FTP server, users will receive a 421 Can't change directory to /var/ftp/ message.
  • When your server provides ProFTP as the FTP server, users will receive a 530 Login Authentication Failed message.

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